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  Boeing Sonic Cruiser

Boieng Sonic Cruiser

From left, Malaysia Airline BSC, SIngapore Airline BSC and MSA Tu-144

Cockpit of Boeing Sonic Cruiser which base on B787

Lift off of Malaysia Airline BSC at Naha Airport

Model from Takaty
Repaint by h3csc

After the TU-144, I planned on some more supersonic plane, Boeing Sonic Cruiser catch my attention, although its not supersonic, but BSC goes near supersonic, and about 20% faster than conventional passenger jet. Base model from Takaty, the things i done included:
- Cockpit window reshape
- Cockpit window frame
- Enhanced landing gear
- Passenger window and door
- TOTAL redesigned cockpit
- Malaysia Airline and Singapore Airline paint
- Moving elevator, Aileron and rudder

Since Boeing still don't have a correct plan for BSC's cockpit so I designed a cockpit for it. The cockpit was base on B787, with lots of modern avionics and heavy glass cockpit. I spent days to draw the cockpit!!

For your information, there is more than one version of BSC, some with square cockpit window, some with curvy cockpit window, some with different door position.


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