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  TU-144 MSA edition

Tupolev TU-144 MSA edition
Malaysia-Singapore Airline

Left side of the plane, showing the Malaysia Airline

Right side of the plane, showing Singapore Airline

Nose cone down canard opened and cleared for take off!

Model from my Tu-144 which converted from Mr.Soji's concorde
Repaint by h3csc and Jok3r

Long ago, there is a airline called MSA, stand for Malaysia-singapore Airline, it is the parent of today's 2 greatest airline,  Malaysia Airline (MAS) and Singapore Airline (SIA). After years MSA has seperated, there is a Unique concorde which painted left side SIA and right side BA flying from London to Singapore. But after Concorde's retired, the plane was no longer in used. Now, I had released my first repaint of 2008, a mix of luxury, speed and style. The world's fastest passenger jet painted in two of the 5-Stars Airlines, Malaysia and Singapore Airline!


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